Identifying Fruit Fly Species and Successfully Removing Them

Fruit flies are a common pest in homes and businesses across Oklahoma. While you may be able to identify these small pests, you may not realize that there are two different types of fruit flies that prefer very different settings. In this article, we will explain the difference between fruit fly species, including black-eyed fruit flies and red-eyed fruit flies, as well as provide some tips for removing them from your home or business.


Fall Pests Require Commercial Pest ControlOverwintering pests can become a challenge for many business owners during the Fall months. In an attempt to escape cold temperatures and ensure they have no shortage of water or food, many different pests will begin to seek entry into structures to wait out the winter. Here are some common fall pests that require commercial pest control (more…)

Protect Your Business with Fall Rodent ControlAs fall settles in, many business owners will see a surprising uptick in common pests such as cockroaches, spiders and other pests. However, the most daunting pests for many businesses during this season are mice and rats. To ensure your business is protected from this mounting threat, Xtreme Pest Management is committed to providing superior fall rodent control. (more…)

Do Sewer Flies Create Health Hazards?A wide variety of fly species found in the common commercial kitchen can be called a sewer fly, but the drain fly is often the most alarming. While small populations of these pests can be helpful in breaking down organic wastes that could clog your drain pipes, infestations can grow rapidly and potentially create health hazards. With the ability of this pest to reproduce quickly, many business owners are left wondering if sewer flies create health hazards. (more…)

Why Choose Personalized Commercial Pest Control in Tulsa?Anyone who has attempted DIY pest control at their business has likely found that controlling pest populations without the help of a professional can be challenging. To ensure pest problems are eliminated efficiently, it is recommended that you invest in personalized commercial pest control in Tulsa. Xtreme Pest Management is committed to providing superior commercial pest control services (more…)

Commercial Pest Control Requires Proper SanitationWhile pests problems can arise in a clean setting, poor sanitation is a likely cause for many pest infestations because of the food and water sources that are readily available. Furthermore, having a clean restaurant, bar or other business is crucial for building a lasting relationship with customers and encouraging repeat business. To ensure your business remains pest free, commercial pest control requires proper sanitation. (more…)

Ant Infestation in Restaurants Requires Tulsa Commercial Pest ControlThe state of Oklahoma is no stranger to a wide variety of pests due to the mild climate the state provides. This, unfortunately, means that like homes, commercial businesses are prone to ant infestation given the amenities found in these areas. For this reason, ant infestation in restaurants requires Tulsa commercial pest control services. (more…)

Nibor-D for Commercial Fly Control in TulsaThe presence of flies in your commercial kitchen or restaurant can become problematic when customers start to take notice or your foods begin becoming contaminated. With the wide variety of flies that can be found in commercial settings, including drain flies and fruit flies, effective yet versatile pest control solutions are necessary for elimination. For this reason, Xtreme Pest Management proudly utilizes Nibor-D for commercial fly control in Tulsa. (more…)

Xtreme Pest Management Provides Tulsa Commercial Pest ControlDealing with commercial properties as a pest control provider requires many different skills that would otherwise not be present in a residential setting. For this reason, it is important to align your pest control needs with a company that can tailor their services to meet your unique needs. To help ensure these high standards are met, Xtreme Pest Management provides Tulsa commercial pest control. (more…)

When Is Commercial Pest Control in Tulsa Required?Commercial kitchens and food suppliers are often hotbeds for pest activity because they provide both shelter and a seemingly endless supply of nourishment for pests. If you own a restaurant, you likely have seen a pest scurry or fly around your kitchen and panicked. While this can be a tale-tell sign that commercial pest control in Tulsa is required, there are many different scenarios that require the help of a pest management specialist. (more…)