3 Things Restaurant Owners in Tulsa Need to Know About Cockroaches

It’s no secret that cockroaches are a hardy pest that can be incredibly difficult to get rid of without the help of a pest control professional. While these pests are often found lurking in homes, it is not uncommon to find them in restaurant kitchens if the proper measures haven’t been taken to exclude them. Here are 3 things restaurant owners in Tulsa need to know about cockroaches. (more…)

Rodents Require Commercial Pest Control in TulsaRodents are one of the most common pest patrons that are found in commercial kitchens and bars because the basic necessities needed for their survival are often plentiful. Leftover food, water sources and plentiful hiding spots make it possible for these pests to flourish. Here are some of the reasons that commercial kitchens housing rodents require commercial pest control in Tulsa. (more…)

What Brings Cockroaches Into Commercial Kitchens?Though there are many reasons why pests will find their way into a structure, the unique circumstances that accompany commercial kitchens make them well suited for a variety of pests, including cockroaches. Just the sight of one cockroach can damage your reputation and potentially ruin your business, making control of these pests important. If you have been searching for what brings cockroaches into commercial kitchens, we can help! (more…)

3 Common Sanitation Mistakes Lead to Commercial Pest Control in TulsaIf you are a restaurant owner or operate a commercial kitchen, you are likely familiar with the sanitation pitfalls that come with the job. Maintaining proper sanitation not only keeps the threat of pest infestation at bay, it protects your customers and reputation safe from devastating consequences. Here are some of the common sanitation mistakes that lead to commercial pest control in Tulsa (more…)

4 Cockroach Infestation Signs Food Handlers Need To Know  In the food industry, knowing how to detect cockroach infestations early is critical in ensuring the success of your business. Failing to realize the threat of cockroaches and other pests in your business can become a costly mistake or, unfortunately, close your business entirely. Here are 4 cockroach infestation signs food handlers need to know: (more…)

Where Are Pests Hiding in Your Tulsa Business?Before effective pest control can be provided for commercial businesses, it is important to determine the extent of your pest problem and the potential areas that the pests could be hiding. As adept hiders, a whole range of insects and rodents could potentially be lurking in your structure. Knowing their habits and preferred environments can help determine the extent of your pest problems. (more…)

What Is Hiding in Your Commercial Kitchen?Across Oklahoma, commercial kitchens could be potentially harboring a wide variety of pests without the knowledge of the business owner. In some cases, these unknown pests could be contaminating food preparation surfaces. Here are some of the potential pests that could be hiding in your commercial kitchen in Tulsa, Oklahoma. (more…)

Where Do Drain Flies Come From?

06-20-2017 : 4:40 pm

Where Do Drain Flies Come From? Given their name, most businesses owners believe that drain flies make their way into their commercial kitchen or bar through floor drains or plumbing fixtures. However, this name comes from their need to reproduce in organic matter typically found within drain systems. For this reason, this pest will typically be found congregating near sinks or floor drains. (more…)

Flies Impose Health Risks in Commercial KitchensMaggots are among the most reviled insects in the world. Most often, this is attributed to their breeding in filth and association with rotting things. Unfortunately, maggots are typically found in every commercial kitchen dumpster because of the unique hospitality these areas show to flies and their offspring. However, when these maggots mature, they can become any number of pest fly species and infest your kitchen without the proper prevention methods in place. (more…)

Drain Flies Disturb Tulsa Restaurants and BarsThe drain fly is one of the most common nuisance fly species found in commercial settings such as kitchens or bars. The insects, though harmless, are a persistent annoyance that can quickly repopulate without the necessary treatments. Because drain flies are so small and possesses furry wings, they are often misidentified as a small moth by the untrained eye. (more…)