How Do You Prevent Fruit Flies at a Bar?In the food service industry, there is no pest more despised than the fruit fly. Unfortunately, bar owners have a constantly struggle with these pests because of the tempting garnishes and drinks found in their establishment. Follow these tips to help limit the risk of fruit flies in your bar. (more…)

Fly Control in Tulsa Commercial Food FacilitiesThe drains in your commercial food facility could provide harborage for a wide variety of insects, including cockroaches and fruit flies, for the food sources and shelter they provide. Because these areas are often overlooked, they can become very problematic for Tulsa restaurant owners. To adequately perform the necessary fly control, Xtreme Pest Management proudly utilizes Nisus pest control products, including the TrueTech Power Cart. (more…)

Preventing Rodents in Your RestaurantThere’s a common misconception that all restaurants are home to at least a small number of rats or mice because of the food sources that are readily available. Though some restaurants do have rodents present, it is highly unlikely that every restaurant you frequent has an existing mouse or rat population lurking in the kitchen. (more…)

Cockroaches Contaminate Food in Commercial KitchensChances are you have put countless hours and even more money into your restaurant. It’s no secret that the mere mention of cockroaches in your business can have a dramatic effect on how many customers you continue to cater to. (more…)

Floors Drains Result in Harborage for Fruit FliesDrains can provide an ideal harborage and breeding area for both big and small fruit flies. In this article, we will discuss what attracts fruit flies to drains, how to get rid of fruit flies and what you can do to prevent the problem. (more…)

You Got Ants?

05-02-2016 : 10:56 am

in front of a white backgroundFirst line of defense against pavement ants is exclusion. Ants can come in from underneath doors, window sills, weep holes in brick homes, from shrubbery or tree limbs that are hanging against the house.
Their diet consist of a wide variety of food and that includes grease, jelly and basically anything left on your cabinets from the night before. When they enter your home you will find a distinctive forage trail most often in your kitchen and pantry areas, especially around your kitchen sink area and counter tops. (more…)

Restaurant Pest Management

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Restaurant Pest ManagementMost restaurant patrons and one time or another have had the unfortunate experience of swatting away a fly or gnat, or even seeing a cockroach crawling near their food. It is true that neither pest is a welcome sight in the food service industry, it may be a surprise to most to know that flies are twice as filthy.
According to a recent survey, half of respondents reported seeing a pest, while visiting a restaurant within the last 12 months. Fly sightings were included in 95 percent of those responses and 75 percent of those sightings were not reported by patrons, due to flies not being considered a major issue. (more…)