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Commercial Pest Management

Effective pest management is an ongoing process. Our experts will provide a unique, customized program that best fits the specific needs of your business. Our methods combine a collaborative and ongoing cycle of three critical activities, so you can be sure your restaurant is getting the maximum protection available with minimum exposure. During our initial consultation, your Xtreme Pest Management technician will identify the problem and provide a solution that meets your needs. No contract is ever required!


Locally Owned Restaurants & Pubs

Xtreme Pest Management takes pride in servicing locally owned restaurants, bars, pubs and entertainment venues. Instead of relying on a big corporation to take care of your needs call us at Xtreme Pest Management also a locally owned business that depends on your satisfaction not on a contract. Contact us today for your initial consultation.


Residential Pest Management

We provide extermination services for all your household pests including roaches, mice and rats, bed bugs, spiders, mosquitoes and fleas, just to name a few. The experienced and professional technicians at Xtreme Pest Management can identify any kind of pest, figure out how it is entering your home and determine the best way to exterminate it with minimal invasiveness and exposure. Contact us today to schedule your free, no obligation pest inspection appointment today.


Boat Dock Spider Control

Finding a spider infestation around your dock can be a scary experience. Not only do these pests claim all of your belongings with webs, but they also cause lasting damage to common boat materials with their feces. To help combat this common problem, Xtreme Pest Management provides boat dock spider control utilizing backpack foggers and chemicals labeled specifically for boat dock use on water. So contact us today to schedule your free, no obligation pest inspection appointment today.


Fruit Fly Control

Fruit flies are a common nuisance pest because they have the ability to repopulate quickly. Though harmless, fruit flies are a persistent annoyance that requires targeted treatments to successfully remove them. As a leading fly control specialist, we have the knowledge, experience and technology needed to successfully remove fruit flies from your home or business.Contact us today to schedule your free, no obligation pest inspection appointment today.

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About Xtreme Pest Management

Xtreme Pest Management is owned and operated by a Muscogee Creek citizen and is a Creek Nation TERO certified business. We have over 15 years of experience in integrated pest management specializing in the hospitality and food service industries. A locally owned and operated business, we believe in serving our community and in helping other local businesses achieve success. We believe our work stands for who we are and we proudly stand behind the work we do. Unless specified by our customer, we do not believe in yearly contracts. We hope to work together with our customers to achieve the same end goal. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your business.


Xtreme Pest Management and CES0

Being a Tribal Employment Rights Office (CESO) Certified Business means a lot to our company and we are very proud to have achieved this certification. It is one of the ways we can, and do, show our pride in our heritage. CESO helps improve the quality of life for the Muscogee Creek citizens with job assistance and economic opportunities and helps ensure fair hiring practices. They also provide a directory of all CESO certified businesses across all industries.