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Fall Pests Require Commercial Pest Control

Overwintering pests can become a challenge for many business owners during the Fall months. In an attempt to escape cold temperatures and ensure they have no shortage of water or food, many different pests will begin to seek entry into structures to wait out the winter. Here are some common fall pests that require commercial pest control:

Commercial Cockroach Control

Though a persistent problem year round, business likely will see an uptick in the amount of cockroaches attempting to establish themselves indoors if the proper proactive steps aren’t taken. This causes a particular problem for businesses in the food and beverage industry because they have a seemingly endless supply of water and food sources. Exclusion of cockroaches now is the most effective way to prevent a cockroach infestation in the upcoming months.

Commercial Rodent Control

Rodents are notorious for entering businesses during colder months in search of warmth, food and water. Unfortunately, once these pests have taken up residence in your home, they are unlikely to leave without intervention. Ensure any gaps and entry ways into your business are secured to ensure no infestation from this quickly breeding pests is kept at bay.

Commercial Spider Control

Though most spiders are beneficial at keeping other pest populations at bay, the appearance of these creepy crawlies in your business might not resonate well with your customers, or worse, the health inspector. During the fall, spiders will have become very large and easily noticeable, making their populations seem like they are booming. If you are seeing spiders indoors around your business, it may be time to invest in commercial pest control.

Commercial Drain Fly Control

Drain flies can be a year round problem for business owners that don’t take the time to properly clean organic waste from their floor drains. Without the proper care for these often overlooked areas, a drain fly problem can quickly develop. If you are experiencing an uptick in drain flies around your business, contact the experts at Xtreme Pest Management to learn about our Nibor-D treatments!

Why Xtreme Pest Management?

Xtreme Pest Management takes pride in servicing locally owned restaurants, bars, pubs and entertainment venues. With the utilization of Nisus’ small fly control solutions, we can eliminate any existing drain flies you may be experiencing and keep them away. We encourage you to contact us today or call us at (918) 724-2028 for your initial consultation!

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