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Commercial Pest Control in Tulsa, OK

You want your premises to be a welcoming and healthy environment. But when pests invade, it disrupts your operations and creates an uncomfortable atmosphere for your employees and customers. No one should have to conduct business in a pest-infested environment.

At Xtreme Pest Management, we understand how crucial maintaining a clean, pest-free space is. With years of experience and local expertise, we are a reliable company in Tulsa, OK. Our professional team responds promptly, pays attention to every detail, and guarantees effective results. Take the next step today with us by your side.

Small Problems, Big Solutions

At Xtreme Pest Management, we specialize in providing comprehensive commercial pest control in Tulsa, OK. We handle a range of pests with professionalism and efficiency.

We eliminate rodents and prevent future infestations of these intruders that cause serious damage and health risks.

Termites compromise the structural integrity of your building. We identify and exterminate termite colonies, preventing further damage.

Insects like cockroaches and flies can quickly overrun a business. Our effective commercial pest solutions eradicate these nuisances.

Bedbugs are a nightmare, especially in the hospitality industry. We offer specialized treatments to eliminate bed bug infestations.

Stored product pests like beetles and moths can ruin inventory. Our treatments safeguard your products and protect your bottom line.

Tailored Methods for Every Business Type

Our effective commercial pest solutions are not one-size-fits-all. We understand that different businesses have unique needs:

  • We help restaurants maintain a clean, pest-free dining experience for their customers.
  • We offer solutions for hotels that ensure guests have a comfortable stay.
  • We assist healthcare facilities with discrete and effective solutions, prioritizing patient safety.
  • We service warehouses and ensure that stored goods remain pest-free and in optimal condition.
  • We help educational institutions maintain a safe and healthy learning environment as well.

Take Back Control with Xtreme Pest Management

Don’t let pests take over your business. Instead, experience peace of mind with professional business pest management from Xtreme Pest Management. After all, a pest-free business is a successful business!

Ready to reclaim your business from pests? It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Contact us to discuss your needs.
  2. Receive a quote tailored to your business.
  3. Let our experts deliver effective commercial pest solutions.

Pest News

Read some of our pest management news, extermination tips and pest prevention methods in our blog.

Customer Reviews

Camillia EstesCamillia Estes
19:37 18 Nov 23
Will use again if needed and highly recommend to all. Communication and service was amazing. He even offered to come re-check a few weeks later. Super professional and timely as well.
Aby WardAby Ward
16:16 02 Oct 23
Kenny responded very quickly and was very informative. We were moving into a rental and I just called for peace of mind. He was all around awesome. We will continue to use X-Treme Pest Control.
00:53 15 Sep 23
14:50 14 Sep 23
I can't say enough good things about this company! Kenny was highly recommended to me. When i called him, he took his time to answer all my questions & thoroughly explained what I needed to do to resolve the issue. He's very knowledgeable and knows exactly what he's talking about! Because I was already off work trying to deal with this, he squeezed me into his schedule and came to my house to assess the situation and give me a quote. I felt truly cared about and completely confident with him. He is very professional and his price is more than fair! Thank you so much, Kenny! I would never call anyone else!
julianna styvejulianna styve
15:00 31 Aug 23
Kathy RamirezKathy Ramirez
15:55 14 Jun 23
There is no questions about it, Kenny and his staff know exactly what we need done for a commercial grow and doesn’t break our check book! Highly recommend!
jules Carterjules Carter
12:59 01 Jun 23
Had a great experience with Kenny when he did my Termite Inspection. So when my girlfriend said she started seeing Spiders. I gave Xtreme a call and they came out to spray, a couple days later noticed a bunch of dead spiders. Very Professional and reasonably Priced.