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Protect Your Business with Fall Rodent Control

As fall settles in, many business owners will see a surprising uptick in common pests such as cockroaches, spiders and other pests. However, the most daunting pests for many businesses during this season are mice and rats. To ensure your business is protected from this mounting threat, Xtreme Pest Management is committed to providing superior fall rodent control.


Why Is Fall Rodent Control Important?

Rodents, while seemingly cute and cuddly, are capable of transmitting a wide variety of diseases, including Hantavirus, Salmonella, Tularemia and much more. For this reason, it is important for business owners to protect their business from the dangers of mice and rats that are seeking shelter in their structure. Pest-proofing isn’t always easy; however, the experts at Xtreme Pest Management can help create a unique rodent control plan for your business.

How Can I Prevent Rodent Infestation?

To prevent rodent infestations in restaurants, bars or any other structure, business owners must practice proper exclusion. The arrival of just a few mice or rats can quickly become a much larger problem. Here are some of the ways that you can rodent-proof your business this fall:

  • Limit Entry – Rodents can utilize extremely small cracks in your foundation, doors, piping or windows. To limit their entry, carefully inspect your structure and seal any cracks or crevices that you find with caulk or another material.
  • Store Food Properly – Improperly stored foods are essentially a buffet for rodents, cockroaches and many other pests. To ensure you aren’t inviting pests into your business with a free meal, food should be stored in airtight containers that can’t be accessed by a hungry pest.
  • Remove Trash Regularly – Even if your foods are properly stored, failing to regularly remove the trash can also provide food to mice and rats. Ensure that all trash cans are removed daily and placed in a dumpster or trash can that is not near the building.


Why Xtreme Pest Management for Commercial Pest Control in Tulsa?

If you own a restaurant or operate a commercial kitchen, it is important to remember that rodents require commercial pest control in Tulsa. Don’t let the reputation of your business and your profits be hindered by mice or rats that have found their way inside. If you have a rodent problem and need help, give Xtreme Pest Management a call at (918) 724-2028 or contact us today to get started!

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