Do Sewer Flies Create Health Hazards?

Do Sewer Flies Create Health Hazards?A wide variety of fly species found in the common commercial kitchen can be called a sewer fly, but the drain fly is often the most alarming. While small populations of these pests can be helpful in breaking down organic wastes that could clog your drain pipes, infestations can grow rapidly and potentially create health hazards. With the ability of this pest to reproduce quickly, many business owners are left wondering if sewer flies create health hazards.

What Are Sewer Flies?

Sewer flies, also known as moth flies or drain flies, have small, furry bodies and wings that make them resemble a common month. Unlike house flies, the sewer fly can live as long as one month while rapidly reproducing and furthering an infestation. For this reason, eliminating viable breeding conditions is paramount for effective sewer fly control.

Living up to their name, drain flies will lay their eggs in the moist, organic material that can be found in floor drains that aren’t regularly maintained. Breeding by sewer flies often occurs in shallow water that will pool around drains. In most cases, drain flies won’t move far from their breeding sites and are typically not adept fliers.

Are Sewer Flies a Health Hazard?

While sewer flies have not been found to transmit any known disease, they are a common nuisance pest found in commercial kitchens or other areas where organic waste can accumulate in or near drains. Because sewer flies spend the majority of their life in decomposing waste, they can be very off-putting in food preparation areas. However, they do not bite and often do little more than annoy individuals they come into contact with.

How Do You Get Rid of Sewer Flies?

As previously stated, the most effective way to get rid of sewer flies is to get clean the drains that they are thriving in. To help achieve optimal sewer fly control and break down organic materials, Xtreme Pest Control utilizes Nibor-D treatments with a power foaming machine.

Why Xtreme Pest Management?

Xtreme Pest Management takes pride in servicing locally owned restaurants, bars, pubs and entertainment venues. With the utilization of Nisus’ small fly control solutions, we can eliminate any existing drain flies you may be experiencing and keep them away. We encourage you to contact us today or call us at (918) 724-2028 for your initial consultation!