Commercial Pest Control Requires Proper Sanitation

Commercial Pest Control Requires Proper SanitationWhile pests problems can arise in a clean setting, poor sanitation is a likely cause for many pest infestations because of the food and water sources that are readily available. Furthermore, having a clean restaurant, bar or other business is crucial for building a lasting relationship with customers and encouraging repeat business. To ensure your business remains pest free, commercial pest control requires proper sanitation.


Clean Drains Regularly

If your commercial kitchen has floor drains that aren’t regularly cleaned, you might be mortified what is growing or thriving in them. One of the main pests that originate from a dirty floor drain is the drain fly. This is primarily because they utilize the organic waste that gets trapped in the drain to feed and reproduce.

Remove Trash Daily

Trash cans can harbor a wide range of pests, most notably maggots that will grow into flies. However, trash cans can also provide a seemingly endless food supply for other pests including rodents and cockroaches. To avoid this problem, ensure your trash makes it to the dumpster when full or at the end of the night.

Fix Leaks and Remove Standing Water

Like humans, pests need an adequate water supply in order to survive. Unfortunately, any leaky pipes that are in your kitchen could be creating more than enough water for a large infestation. Any pipes that are leaking must be repaired and standing water must be eliminated for effective pest control and exclusion.

Sweet and Mop Floors Regularly

Pests are very resourceful and have the ability to find food particles that you may not even know exist. One of the main culprits of this is ants as they constantly seek out food and bring friends back to transport it to the colony. Sweeping floors and mopping with the right cleaner can ensure your sanitation goals are met; however, make sure no standing water is left behind after mopping is completed.

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