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Nibor-D for Commercial Fly Control in Tulsa

The presence of flies in your commercial kitchen or restaurant can become problematic when customers start to take notice or your foods begin becoming contaminated. With the wide variety of flies that can be found in commercial settings, including drain flies and fruit flies, effective yet versatile pest control solutions are necessary for elimination. For this reason, Xtreme Pest Management proudly utilizes Nibor-D for commercial fly control in Tulsa.

What is Nibor-D?

Nibor-D is a versatile insecticide that can protect businesses from a wide variety of pests, fungi and mildew that can be present in commercial kitchens. While an extremely effective solution for fly control in drains, Nibor-D can also be used as a dust or liquid for effective control of crickets, roaches, ants and other insect pests. This product can be used as part of a green pest management program and has a very low mammalian toxicity that targets specific pests, making it great for commercial applications.

How Does Nibor-D Work for Fly Control?

Mixed with a foaming agent, Nibor-D can be sprayed into the floor drains and other problematic areas with the TrueTech Power Foamer in your commercial kitchen. The active ingredient, boron, then interferes with the pests metabolism as the chemical processes become interrupted. This ultimately leads to the inability for pests to receive nutritional value from the food sources they consume as they starve to death.

As a business owner, you likely are worried about how this may impact your employees or customers. However, it is important to note that boron does not interfere with the metabolism of humans, pets or other living things that have the ability to shed boron from their bodies. This ensures that treatment has a minimal impact on the daily activities of your business.

Why Xtreme Pest Management for Commercial Fly Control in Tulsa?

Xtreme Pest Management takes pride in servicing locally owned restaurants, bars, pubs and entertainment venues. With the utilization of Nisus’ small fly control solutions, we can eliminate any existing drain flies you may be experiencing and keep them away. We encourage you to contact us today or call us at (918) 724-2028 for your initial consultation!

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