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You Got Ants?

First line of defense against pavement ants is exclusion. Ants can come in from underneath doors, window sills, weep holes in brick homes, from shrubbery or tree limbs that are hanging against the house.

Their diet consist of a wide variety of food and that includes grease, jelly and basically anything left on your cabinets from the night before. When they enter your home you will find a distinctive forage trail most often in your kitchen and pantry areas, especially around your kitchen sink area and counter tops.

Pavement ants measure 2.5 to 3 mm in length and most commonly they are black. There name is derived from there typical nesting area, such as expansion joints in driveways and cracks in your sidewalks. You will generally find a mound of dirt in these nesting areas. They also hang out in your flower beds and under mulch or landscaping areas. You can find pavement ants in all areas outdoors but if you have them in your house and/or outside living areas give us a call.

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