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What Brings Cockroaches Into Commercial Kitchens in Tulsa?

Though there are many reasons why pests will find their way into a structure, the unique circumstances that accompany commercial kitchens make them well suited for a variety of pests, including cockroaches. Just the sight of one cockroach can damage your reputation and potentially ruin your business, making control of these pests important. If you have been searching for what brings cockroaches into commercial kitchens, we can help!

Sanitization Issues

One of the biggest factors that contribute to the arrival of cockroaches and their ability to thrive is poor sanitation. When you allow the conditions of your commercial kitchen to deteriorate, cockroach populations will have a buffet of food to help grow and sustain their infestation numbers. Following proper sanitary guidelines, including emptying the trash and properly cleaning surfaces can drastically decrease your chances of infestation.

Improper Food Storage

Cockroaches can be easily transported into your commercial kitchen through deliveries, including food and materials such as cooking aprons. For this reason, transferring the products out of those boxes as soon as possible and placing them in proper storage is critical. Improper food storage also increases the ability for these resilient pests to continue feeding and potentially sickening your customers and employees.

Moisture Issues

Aside from food, another factor that brings cockroaches into commercial kitchens is the availability of water or moisture. Most commercial kitchens have a floor drainage system that can clog without proper maintenance. This can lead to standing water that allows cockroaches to thrive and expand their infestation. Leaky pipes or sinks can also contribute to moisture sources that can be utilized by cockroach populations.


Though cockroaches could easily find food and water sources in the dumpster behind your restaurant or business, it likely wouldn’t be as comfortable as the temperature controlled confines of your commercial kitchen. Like all other pests, cockroaches need shelter to hide their eggs and continue the growth of their population numbers. Taking preventative measures with a commercial pest control professional to exclude them can keep your commercial kitchen from becoming their new home.

Why Xtreme Pest Management for Commercial Cockroach Control?

If you have been asking “What brings cockroaches into commercial kitchens?”, we hope this information has helped you create a new strategy for keeping these pests out of your commercial kitchen. If you have an existing cockroach infestation or need help preventing one from forming, trust the commercial pest control experts at Xtreme Pest Management. Call us at (918) 724-2028 or start your estimate today!

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