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3 Common Sanitation Mistakes Lead to Commercial Pest Control in Tulsa

If you are a restaurant owner or operate a commercial kitchen, you are likely familiar with the sanitation pitfalls that come with the job. Maintaining proper sanitation not only keeps the threat of pest infestation at bay, it protects your customers and reputation safe from devastating consequences. Here are some of the common sanitation mistakes that lead to commercial pest control in Tulsa:

Sticky Menus or Condiments

Throughout your life, you have probably had a dining experience that was less than optimal and included a run in with a sticky menu or salt and pepper shakers. Though this can cause immediate red flags in the eyes of your customers, it could also be attracting unwanted pests. In most cases, this is caused by spilled sugary drinks that many pests, including cockroaches, find very appealing. Wipe down these items with safe and approved cleaners daily or as needed throughout the day.

Improper Food Storage

Improper food storage carries a wide range of health risks and can easily contribute to a case of food poisoning. Unfortunately, bacteria growth isn’t the only problem that can arise from improper food storage methods. Pests, especially rodents, are very adept at seeking out viable food sources and once settled in can be difficult to get rid of. Properly storing foods in approved containers, freezers or refrigerators can help deter common pest infestation threats that require commercial pest control in Tulsa.

Standing Water Threats

If your floor drains aren’t functioning as intended, they likely have developed a build-up of grease or organic waste that is critical to the development of many pests, including drain flies. One other problem this can cause is consistent standing water that creates a breeding ground and life support for nearly any pest you could think of. For proper treatment, drains must be cleaned by a commercial pest control provider to ensure larvae and existing pests are exterminated.

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