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Cockroaches Contaminate Food in Commercial Kitchens

Chances are you have put countless hours and even more money into your restaurant. It’s no secret that the mere mention of cockroaches in your business can have a dramatic effect on how many customers you continue to cater to. However, this fear isn’t without warrant among potential patrons.

Pest control services are a necessary part of any commercial business, especially in food services. The introduction of cockroaches into your structure can be dangerous if unchecked. Cockroaches contaminate food in commercial kitchens, potentially making your patrons or staff sick.

Diseases Spread by Cockroach Contamination

In domestic areas, studies have found that a cockroach is capable of carrying nearly 32 different bacteria strains. Even worse, this small pest can easily spread 7 other unique pathogens and 6 different parasitic worms. Unfortunately, this means that once a cockroach has come into contact with food or a preparation surface, contamination has already occurred.

There are typically two methods that diseases can be contracted from cockroaches, ingestion and cross contamination. When ingestion occurs, food or water that has been contaminated by a cockroach is consumed. Cross contamination, however, occurs when a contaminated food or surface is touched then inadvertently rubbed into one’s eyes or mouth.

Though cockroaches contaminate food in commercial kitchens regularly, they aren’t the only pest capable of spread illness among your patrons and staff. The most detrimental illnesses transmitted by cockroaches are salmonella and E. Coli. For these reasons, commercial pest control is necessary.

Cockroach Prevention

Exclusion is one of the most important steps in ensuring your business remains pest free. Cracks around the foundation of your structure as well as in doors and windows or floor drains, can all be potential entry points for a wide variety of pests. In most cases, this can be remedied by caulking cracks and adding mesh screens to your drain systems.

It is also important to ensure that any trash that is left over makes it outdoors before leaving for the night. Easy access to food and water sources can your pest problems become a nightmare. All food preparation stations should be wiped down to remove any leftover scraps that may have been left behind.

Regularly inspecting your business for the presence of cockroaches can help ensure any rising pest problems are taken care of quickly. Most often, cockroaches and other pests will utilize the sanctuary of a dark, inaccessible area such as the back of a refrigerator or stove. Check these areas for any signs of infestation including egg cases, molts and feces. In the event this evidence is found, call us immediately before the problem has time to increase.

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