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Preventing Rodents in Your Tulsa, OK Restaurant

There’s a common misconception that all restaurants are home to at least a small number of rats or mice because of the food sources that are readily available. Though some restaurants do have rodents present, it is highly unlikely that every restaurant you frequent has an existing mouse or rat population lurking in the kitchen. However, restaurants are more at risk than other businesses for the food sources that are readily available.

As a restaurant owner, you should be dedicated to providing a pest-free kitchen for completing your food preparations. However, sometimes the introduction of pests by chance or neglect can easily become a problem that can ruin your business. For this reason, consulting commercial pest control experts, like Xtreme Pest Management, for prevention and control is absolutely necessary.

Diseases Carried by Rodents

Rodents are capable of carrying a wide range of bacteria and viruses at any given time. In most cases, food will become contaminated as the rodent drops feces or urinates into a food or water source. This can happen as easily as them walking past a food preparation station. Some of the diseases rodents can transmit include:

  • Hantavirus
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Rat Tapeworms

Though this isn’t an exhaustive list of the rodent-borne diseases that could potentially affect your customers and staff, the dangers associated with these illnesses are vast. To adequately protect these individuals and your businesses reputation proper rodent prevention and control methods must be implemented.

Rodent Control in Restaurants

No two restaurants are the same and what works to remove the rodents in one may not work for the other. It is important to focus on preventing mice or rats from creating nesting sites within your restaurant. Here are some of the ways you can actively prevent rodent infestation in your restaurant.

  • Seal Cracks – Rats and mice are capable of entering your business through a crack the width of a #2 sized pencil. For this reason, any cracks that could potentially be an entry way in the foundation, plumbing, doors or floor drains should be properly sealed to prevent rodent entry in your restaurant.
  • Remove Food Sources – It is important to ensure no food sources are left available for curious rodents that may be in the vicinity. Removing the trash regularly, cleaning the floors and wiping down food preparation surfaces will work wonders for removing food sources that may be left behind for these pests.
  • Remove Clutter – Rodents seek harborage in material boxes and other debris that may be around your restaurant. Leftover cardboard boxes from food or alcohol deliveries provide more than enough shelter for mice and rats and should be removed whenever possible.


Why Xtreme Pest Management?

Xtreme Pest Management understands the importance of keeping your restaurant rodent free and will provide a thorough inspection of your facilities to detect any areas of concern. Once the inspection has been completed, we will provide a protection plan based on the individual needs of your restaurant. We also provide several monthly reports including sanitation, exclusion and mechanical reports to all our customers.

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