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Where Are Pests Hiding in Your Tulsa Business?

Before effective pest control can be provided for commercial businesses, it is important to determine the extent of your pest problem and the potential areas that the pests could be hiding. As adept hiders, a whole range of insects and rodents could potentially be lurking in your structure. Knowing their habits and preferred environments can help determine the extent of your pest problems.

Although it is important to inspect every part of your structure for potential pests, some areas are more enticing to them. A thorough search of certain problematic areas can often provide good insight into the scope of your pest problems. Here are some potential areas suitable for pests hiding around your business:

    • Moisture Heavy Areas – An adequate water supply is needed to sustain life for most living creatures. For this reason, they will often nest near areas that have high moisture content or near objects that have a leak. Drains are often a breeding ground for small flies and should be monitored actively.


    • Food Preparation Areas – Just as water sources are needed for survival, pests too need access to food. In most commercial settings, this inherently is the kitchen or food storage areas. Proper sanitation and cleanliness can help ensure that pests food sources are limited in your business and surrounding structures.


  • Heat Sources – Many pests, including cockroaches, will utilize appliances for nesting areas because of the heat and condensation they give off. For this reason, searching behind appliances regularly for the presence of pests can proactively limit the growth of their populations. Areas close to the motor of appliances such as refrigerators, coolers, dishwashers and stoves are heavily favored by many pests.


Xtreme Pest Management for Commercial Kitchen Pest Control

If you are struggling with pests hiding in your commercial kitchen, the pest control professionals at Xtreme Pest Management are here to help. Whether you are currently dealing with an infestation or would like to start exclusionary prevention of any of these pests, we have the knowledge and tools needed. We can provide a comprehensive inspection, exclusion assistance and pest control services to accommodate your needs. Call us at (918) 724-2028 or start your free estimate today!

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