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What Is Hiding in Your Commercial Kitchen?

Across Oklahoma, commercial kitchens could be potentially harboring a wide variety of pests without the knowledge of the business owner. In some cases, these unknown pests could be contaminating food preparation surfaces. Here are some of the potential pests that could be hiding in your commercial kitchen in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


One of the most prevalent pests found in commercial kitchens is the cockroach. Typically, the German cockroach is most common, however, American and Oriental cockroaches can cause problems in commercial settings as well. Often this pest will find its way inside through preexisting cracks, deliveries or sewage systems.


Rodents often find their way into commercial kitchens through foundation gaps or pre-existing holes in search of harborage or food sources. The most common species in commercial kitchens include house mice, roof rats or Norway rats. These hardy pests reproduce quickly, so a small number can quickly become a large problem.

Small Flies

There are a wide variety of flies that can inhabit your commercial kitchen including fungus gnats, fruit flies and phorid flies. However, drain flies are among the most prolific and despised in a commercial setting. Flies will often enter through drain pipes and reproduce in the organic waste found in floor drains or kitchen sinks.


Much like kitchens within a home, commercial kitchens are no stranger to a wide variety of ant species including odorous house ants and pavement ants. Most ant species enter kitchens because of the grease and moisture they need for survival. This relentless pest can enter your commercial kitchen through the smallest openings or wall voids.

Xtreme Pest Management for Commercial Kitchen Pest Control

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