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Where Do Drain Flies Come From?

Given their name, most businesses owners believe that drain flies make their way into their commercial kitchen or bar through floor drains or plumbing fixtures. However, this name comes from their need to reproduce in organic matter typically found within drain systems. For this reason, this pest will typically be found congregating near sinks or floor drains.

Drain flies typically do not originate indoors at first, they will often come indoors to drain systems when they sense the organic matter required for successful breeding. It is important, however, to ensure a drain fly population is actually originating from your drains before treatment. In some cases, unknown sources of moisture or decay may be creating fly problems within your business.

Drain Fly Inspection

There is a simple test that business owners can perform to test which of their drains are currently providing harborage for drain flies. Before closing down for the night, thoroughly dry off all countertops sink and floor drains. Upon completion, sticky tape can be placed on the drain with the sticky side down. If you find drain flies attached to the tape, this particular drain is an active harborage area.

Unfortunately, these pests may utilize several different drains inside of your business for breeding depending on the organic matter available in each drain. To ensure the issue is completely resolved, it is recommended that you utilize the services of a pest control specialist. Here are some of the ways that Xtreme Pest Management can help remove your drain fly populations.

Drain Fly Control

Xtreme Pest Management utilizes Nibor-D drain treatments that are applied with a TrueTech Power Foamer for optimal drain fly control. This solution not only kills drain flies in all life stages but removes the organic matter they are using for breeding. Instead of temporarily fixing the problem, continued maintenance with this treatment option ensure your business remains fly free.

Why Xtreme Pest Management?

Xtreme Pest Management takes pride in servicing locally owned restaurants, bars, pubs and entertainment venues. With the utilization of Nisus’ small fly control solutions, we can eliminate any existing flies you may be experiencing and keep them away. We encourage you to contact us today or call us at (918) 724-2028 for your initial consultation!

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