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Flies Impose Health Risks in Commercial Kitchens

Maggots are among the most reviled insects in the world. Most often, this is attributed to their breeding in filth and association with rotting things. Unfortunately, maggots are typically found in every commercial kitchen dumpster because of the unique hospitality these areas show to flies and their offspring. However, when these maggots mature, they can become any number of pest fly species and infest your kitchen without the proper prevention methods in place.

The average fly could potentially be carrying typhoid, cholera or dysentery. This makes the health risks associated with these pests very detrimental to business owners and any patrons they may have. Because flies will often breed and live in filth, it is important to focus on exclusionary methods to keep them from infesting your commercial kitchen or contamination food preparation surfaces or prepared foods.

Fly Prevention and Exclusion in Commercial Kitchens

Sanitation is one of the most important factors in keeping your commercial kitchen free from flies. These pesky invaders have a keen sense and will find food or garage sources you may not even be aware exist. This is particularly true of floor drains and unmaintained trash cans. In fact, these areas will often be the most likely place for flies to breed and develop.

To help combat the threat of flies invading your business, it is important to regularly remove garbage and clean any surfaces that may be present. This includes mopping the floors and cleaning any food preparation stations that may be in your commercial kitchen. This can help remove valuable food and moisture sources that flies require for continued survival.

Floor drains in a commercial kitchen are often overlooked because of their placement in the commercial kitchen. However, these necessary components of the commercial kitchen will often be the first place flies, particularly drain flies, originate from. As organic waste and food begin to clog your floor drains, fly populations will often utilize them for breeding and harborage.

Why Xtreme Pest Management?

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