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Drain Flies Disturb Tulsa Restaurants and Bars

The drain fly is one of the most common nuisance fly species found in commercial settings such as kitchens or bars. The insects, though harmless, are a persistent annoyance that can quickly repopulate without the necessary treatments. Because drain flies are so small and possesses furry wings, they are often misidentified as a small moth by the untrained eye.

The drain fly can multiply efficiently under the right conditions and exploding populations can cause a serious threat. In some cases, large numbers of these pests will result in them landing on food or drinks presenting a particularly unsettling problem. Because these pests live in drains, certain health risks may be a problem.

Drain Fly Health Concerns

Drain flies spawn and inhabit drains and other sewage systems, making the risk of exposure to disease and other health threats a serious problem for business owners with commercial kitchens. However, the drain fly itself does not carry any known human disease and are not parasitic to any other animals. The biggest risk associated with these pests is the transmission of pathogens that may be attached to them when leaving a sewage or kitchen drain that hasn’t been treated or cleaned.

Drain Fly Inspection

Common locations for drain flies in commercial structures include floor drains in food preparation areas, evaporation tubs, moth buckets and sink drains. It is not uncommon for drain fly to stay near breeding sites because they are very weak fliers. In most cases, drains will contain organic waste and other slimes that larva and pupa will develop in.

Commercial Drain Fly Control

As a Tulsa business owner, the introduction of drain flies into your structure can be frustrating. To help combat the explosive growth of this species populations, Xtreme Pest Management utilizes the TruTech Power Foamer to clean your drains while eliminating existing drain flies or other pests in the process. The effectiveness of this method is attributed to the introduction of a mixed solution of Nibor-D and a foaming agent.

In some cases, extra attention may be necessary to completely remove organic waste that has accumulated inside of your drains or other potential harborage zones. The introduction of non-pathogenic microorganisms can help remove organic matter as they continue to eat through it. However, cleaning brushes or other tools may also be utilized for the most effective outcome.

Why Xtreme Pest Management?

Xtreme Pest Management takes pride in servicing locally owned restaurants, bars, pubs and entertainment venues. With the utilization of Nisus’ small fly control solutions, we can eliminate any existing drain flies you may be experiencing and keep them away. We encourage you to contact us today or call us at (918) 724-2028 for your initial consultation!

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