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How Do You Prevent Fruit Flies at a Bar?

In the food service industry, there is no pest more despised than the fruit fly. Unfortunately, bar owners have a constantly struggle with these pests because of the tempting garnishes and drinks found in their establishment. Follow these tips to help limit the risk of fruit flies in your bar.

Keep the Bar Clean

It is important to ensure that your bartenders and bar-backs have clear cut cleaning tasks at the end of every night. Because many alcoholic drinks contain sugar, spilled liquids function as a powerful attractant for fruit flies. This especially true of fruit mixers and beer that may have been spilled onto barstools, tables, chairs or the bar itself.

When the bar has closed, all floors should be mopped to ensure that any residue that can be utilized by fruit flies is gone. Any floor mats throughout the establishment should also be cleaned with soap. If you have fans in the bar, keeping them on will help dry out surfaces more effectively.

Remove Water Sources

All insects need water to survive and the fruit fly is no exception. Because a bar has multiple sources of water, it creates an optimal environment for the growth of fruit fly populations. This includes adequately draining bar sinks because discarded fruity mixers will lure fruit flies to these harborage areas. Ice wells and cleaned counters should be wiped down with paper towels to help limit moisture sources.

Perform Proper Storage

To ensure fruit flies don’t have a buffet of sugar-laden drinks, it is important to perform proper storage in your bar. This includes closing all liquor bottles, refrigerating garnishes with plastic wrap and covering beer taps. For even more effectiveness, keep your garnish trays covered with plastic wrap at all times when not in use.

Why Xtreme Pest Management for Fruit Flies?

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